Monday, August 16, 2010


I am still wondering what to do with this young lady. Should I list her? Should I not? She seems stuck in limbo on her chilly bike...
perhaps not the best thing to draw in the winter time but lately I have been feeling fall creeping into my bones and filling me with thoughts of  falling leaves and stew.
I have been trying to force myself to relish the rest of this amazing summer! Why cant I be more grateful?



  1. I totes know what you mean about having fall on the brain already! Maybe it's because summer started so early this year, but I can't stop thinking about cooler temps, either. Fast forward to six months from now when I say exactly the opposite. Gah!

  2. I am having Fall on the brain also!!! I told Evan today that I don't want to live any more south than we do right now because I'm so sick of 90 degree heat... but then I told him to ask me again in the dead of winter and I'll probably say "let's move to Texas". Haha!